We want our students to develop their very own personal journey and self transformation.  We believe that a consistent  practice will leave students feeling rejuvenated and inspired. It will help open the doors to positive transformation; ultimately creating a calm and peaceful mind, an open heart, and a strong feeling of self acceptance. Our goal is to provide a variety of fitness modalities that are therapeutic, fun & practical. We have blocks, weights, bands & other props that allow you to use your body to STRETCH & STRENGTHEN, to challenge both your body & mind. We offer classes aimed at developing strength, balance, coordination & flexibility. We also offer various workshops and special events monthly that cover a wide range of topics. We are committed to offering students inspiring classes as well as a whole yogic lifestyle.   We truly believe there is a type of movement for every "body”, regardless of age, shape or flexibility. All ages &  experience levels are welcome. We have a fabulous boutique too. Come in and check us out, you will be glad you did!


Our MISSION IS TO SHARE OUR PASSION of Fitness & wellness WITH THE COMMUNITY BY PROVIDING a cozy, tranquil, healing & non-competitive environment for people of ALL AGES & Abilities.

Lisa Matthews

Managing Director, Owner + Founder/Passionate Entrepreneur CYT 200+, REIKI I & II,

Ambassador of WeForum

Lisa Matthews has been practicing yoga for over twenty-seven years.  She turned to yoga to find relief from years of continuous back pain and major surgeries. Through the years she has tried physical therapy, and other workout methods but nothing helped her as much as her yoga and stretching.  Being on her mat not only  helped heal the physical issues but also cleared the mental chatter of her mind. She has studied around the world with many exceptional yoga teachers.  As she continued to try different lineages of yoga , one class led to another and she soon became addicted. Not only did yoga bring profound change, it also brought better health and balance to her life. This encouraged her to continue on her path to deepen her practice and move on to the next chapter in her life.  In 2011 Lisa decided she was going to take that next step and enroll in the YogaWorks 200 Hour teaching program. Once she became certified she continued her studies and went on to get her certification in Reiki I & II.   It has been her passion to continue on this "Amazing" journey so she decided to retire in 2013 from her successful Corporate Insurance Career of 22 years to pursue her dream and open her very own Yoga & Wellness Center. In 2003 she drafted a business plan with the intention of opening her very own studio. After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy she knew this was the time to help bring health and healing to the Jersey Shore Community.  

Lisa has been battling some hereditary health issues and in 2014 had to undergo major surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering. In 2017 she met with a Specialist at Mt Sinai in NYC, who advised her to continue her scopes & scans on a semi annual basis. Then in 2018 had to undergo another major surgery at Robert Wood Johnson. Lisa continues to listen to her doctors and remains positive and proactive.   These challenges inspire Lisa to bring more awareness to people to do annual health check ups, and  find some stillness in their bodies, so they can actually listen and  hear what is going on.  

Yoga is about HEALTH, HEALING & RELAXATION.  It is not about the fancy poses, being skinny or  being vegan.  You don't need to be flexible, yoga helps bring flexibility.  Lisa finds there are infinite benefits to yoga; physical, mental and spiritual. She believes ANYONE can do yoga they just need to honor their bodies.​She says yoga helps her learn more about herself every day, and she expects Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness will be a safe haven for others as they pursue their own path toward personal expression and connect with their inner peace so they can take it off their mats and into their daily lives.  She is blessed that she is able to do what she loves to do.  In her spare time you will find her soaking up the sun, baking, playing with her Kitty or just relaxing.

"Don't be afraid of props, they are our friends. The use of props expands your yoga experience by helping you find more space and stability in your poses, they are great teaching tools and help bring new awareness to your body.

~ Lisa Matthews

"Yoga is not fancy poses. It's how you live your life, how you connect and how you react. It is the stuff you live off the mat, not how high you can get your feet off the ground or deep your back can bend. Yoga is about healing, and learning and acceptance. It is about joy and struggle: both. It is about steps back, moving forward and the dance in-between. Yoga is goal-less because there is NO END TO THE PRACTICE. There is no goal. The practice is eternally evolving, as is your approach to it, your needs on and off the mat, and your body's ability to do the physical stuff. Yoga is not fancy poses. Yoga is not fancy poses. Yoga is not fancy poses. The goal of yoga is to let go of the goal." ~ Flying Yogini