CYT 200

Chrisanne took her first yoga class in 2010 and has been hooked ever since!  Chrisanne completed her 200-hour Yoga Works teacher training in February 2017 at Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness.  Chrisanne became an apprentice at our studio to expand her teaching skills.  Yoga has been a big influence in her life and she wants to share her passion of Yoga with others.  Chrisanne would like to use the joy of Yoga to inspire her students to live their best life!  Be patient, be mindful, be kind.


CYT 200+

Veronica started practicing yoga to increase her flexibility after years of intense athletic workouts. What she found was not only could she touch her toes, but a certain tranquility blossomed within. Hoping to pass along the fulfillment yoga has brought to her life, she decided to become a teacher. Her classes blend physical alignment and core strength poses in a fluid rhythm. She emphasizes breath awareness and conscious intention to create balance & well-being in the mind & body. It’s about letting your inner light & true self shine through! To let go of fear & trust your inner wisdom. Yoga touches us at different levels & at different times in our lives. Veronica believes each time we practice, we can take what we learn on our mats with us into everyday life.


CYT 200, MSW, Licensed Social Worker

Theresa became involved with Yoga at the age of 19. It was offered at her local high school. She was hooked immediately because of the way it made her feel physically, mentally, and spiritually. Over the years She took classes occasionally, until MBYW opened in her community. After a long day at work, she would walk into the studio and it would feel like she was “home.” After class, having all the stress and anxiety gone from her body and mind made her realize the power of Yoga. She has worked as a Master’s Degree Social Worker with adolescents in a school setting and would often guide them through meditations to help them deal with life’s challenges. The power of Yoga and meditation can be very healing. She completed Yoga Teacher Training at MBYW through YogaWorks in February 2017. It has been a life-changing experience. Her intention is to incorporate the field of psychology with Yoga, as a way of empowering and healing others.

RYT 200+ Vinyasa, Rasa Restorative certified (YA), Yin Yoga certified (YA)
“How you move on your mat is how you move in your life.”  Georgette uses this phrase often to remind her students that the yoga poses or asanas are only a very small part of their yoga practice. By encouraging students to think less and feel more, Georgette hopes that they can learn to look inside, live where they fear to live, and emerge stronger.    With degrees in Economics, Psychology and Computer Science, Georgette also understands the enormous pressures of corporate life and how vital it is to stay balanced and focused. Her teaching style is fun, encouraging self-acceptance and mindful alignment with the goals of creating internal strength and space for growth.    A lifelong student, Georgette continues her yoga journey studying with teachers of different styles such as Dharma, Jivamukti, and Yin, though her greatest and most influential teachers will always be her two beautiful children.  Georgette has most recently studied with Eckhart Tolle, incorporating this wisdom into her yoga classes, workshops, and weekend retreats.   
Be compassionate. Be kind. Be receptive.


Assistant Studio Manager, CYT 300+, SUP Yoga (WPA), Holistic Health Coach
A yoga teacher, integrative health coach, wellness instructor, blog writer, and recipe creator, Michelle owes her successes and passion for life to the challenges she faced in her early 20s. A 7-year cancer survivor of Hodgkin's lymphoma has truly shaped Michelle to become the person she is today. After facing challenges with health at an early age, Michelle realized that she needed to take control of her lifestyle and create a healthy balance of the mind and body. Michelle completed her first 200 hrs in 2011 from Nosara Yoga Institute, Nosara Costa Rica.  Continuing her education, Michelle studied with Tari Prinister in designing classes for cancer patients. Michelle believes that everyone can do yoga no matter age, gender, height, weight, illness, that's the beauty of the practice. It's not the elite poses or handstands that make you a yogi; it's the warmth that fills your body when you find that the peace  you've been looking for in a pose that fits you.  Yoga is  a practice for people to come together with the same intention--to honor there body and relax, have fun and enjoy the journey. 

julie Reamer Pare

CYT 200+

Julie accidentally ended up in a yoga class after more than 20 years as a serious runner, math nerd, and inflexible klutz.  An unlikely yoga student, she was surprised to find that she loved the combination of peacefulness and intensity inherent in yoga practice, and she loved how it complemented her running.  Julie completed her 200 hour training with Yogaworks and she strongly believes in focusing on proper alignment while moving with breath.  Off the mat, she can be found baking cakes, building financial models, spilling coffee, and tripping over things while out running.


Mary Christensen

CYT 500+
Mary began her yoga practice in 2007 after retiring from a 20+ year career as a Buyer and Product Development Manager for several National Speciality Retail stores. She credits Yoga with helping her to transition gracefully into this next phase of her life. She completed her 200 hour YogaWorks Teacher Training in March of 2011. Mary is currently enrolled in the 300 hour Yogaworks Advanced Teacher Training to be completed  in August 2013.   She has also studied with Alan Finger, Jillian Pransky, Biff Mithoefer, Cyndi Lee and Julie Gudmestad. It has truly been an amazing journey as she continues to learn more about herself and the study of yoga everyday. Believing that it is important in our busy everyday lives to slow down, center yourself and just simply breath. She enjoys teaching classes that create a safe space for her students allowing them to find this sanctuary in their yoga practice. 

Karena Virginia

RYT 500+

Karena Virginia is a Master Kundalini Yoga instructor, inspirational speaker, life mentor and TV personality who brings deep spiritual practices to the modern world in a very accessible and uplifting style. Karena has been reaching thousands of people throughout the United States and Europe explaining the law of attraction in a very basic, clear and scientific way.  Karena brings wisdom from ancient teachings, utilizing tools for attracting love, abundance and miracles. Karena believes we are living in a profound time when living through the heart with grace, peace, truth and light is the surest path to manifesting the life of our dreams.   Before embarking on her journey as a spiritual teacher, Karena was an actress and model, and she brings her fun loving personality to TV networks around the world. Karena is a wife and mother of two children and family is and always has been her primary focus in life. Karena released the highly acclaimed yoga video, “Abundance and Miracles" in 2013 which was recently re-released by Sound True as "The Power of Kundalini Yoga" and can be found in stores such as Target, Best Buy, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  She also released the popular relaxation APP  "Relax and Attract" in 2014. Her first book "Essential Kundalini Yoga" will be available in January 2017. Karena is a member of Oprah Winfrey's Belief team, and her passion is to bring the technology of simple everyday healing to the masses. Karena is very accessible and loves to connect and share her heart in her community.


RYT 500+, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, Ayurveda Practioner
Jeanette began practicing yoga in 1993. In 2008, serious injury led Jeanette toward a deeper study and understanding of the science of yoga and the healing it can bring. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 200) and recently completed a 500 hour Yoga Therapist Training program with Kula Kamala Yoga. She is a student of Kripalu’s School of Ayurveda and is a Level IV Thai Massage Practitioner with Triple Gem School of Thai Massage. Jeanette is certified through Yoga Alliance and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Rooted in rich tradition, Yoga,Thai Massage and Ayurveda blend together to create a beautifully integrative approach to achieving total wellbeing. Described as “a natural healer with an intuitive practice”, she is committed to helping others to heal and to transform through the art of Yoga. Her philosophy begins with the belief that the body and breath are intimately connected with the mind, and that the ancient art of yoga enhances well being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. She is excited to help others achieve an extraordinary quality of life through the use of modern and ancient modalities.


Krista is a Jewelry Designer ( and Creative Spiritual Workshop Facilitator living at the Jersey Shore with her two sons and 3 cats. Her long journey of spiritual growth and self-­awareness has guided her to share her knowledge of beading, crystals and creative spirituality with the public. Featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever” in 2005, Krista Lynn is self taught and has traveled the world and researched the spiritual and healing qualities in gemstones and crystals.  It is her passion, purpose and intention to share and inspire the talismans that have inspired her. The intention behind her workshops is to guide you in a mindful experience where you trust your intuition and tap into your creativity.  She believes that we all have the answers within us...we just need to awaken and bring those answers to light. 


CYT 200+, ReikI I & II, Thai Yoga Massage LEVEL 1, MEd/Counseling
Lisa began her practice of Hatha Yoga in 1999.  From her background in counseling and psychology, she could feel the correlation between the body and mind and how one effects the other.  By controlling the breath, we are forced to acknowledge that we have the power to help our minds become peaceful and are bodies to become less tense, stiff and more relaxed. Our breath, used properly, can help heal us in our everyday lives.  For this reason, Lisa decided to help others by becoming certified in yoga thru YogaWorks in 2013. "It was the perfect match, my academic education along with my deeper studies in The 8 Limbs of Yoga and my passion to serve others was the answer to satisfy my career fulfillment. " Lisa teaches her students how yoga can not only increase flexibility and physical strength, but how yoga can offer a sense of inner-peace emotionally, mentally and psychologically.  Every class that she teaches gives each student the opportunity to experience the healing effects of this ancient practice.  Lisa's classes are always alignment focused, fun, non-judgmental, non-competitive, encouraging and extremely welcoming to all. "It is my goal that in each class that I teach, that every individual will feel better than when he or she came in.  And with consistent practice, that these students will bring their love of yoga into their daily lives." Lisa is continuing studies in Anatomy for Yoga Asana, Pranayama as a focus in Meditation, Mindfulness For Stress Reduction and Zen Meditation.  Current studies include Anatomy for Injury Prevention, Restorative Yoga and various forms of Meditation derived from Buddhist and Yoga Philosophies.